Good day UTAH ATV,As promised, below you will find the committees that are being utilized this year. Now understanding that there are different levels of involvement in a Club. There are members who only want to ride with the group and there are other members that want to be fully involved in the Club’s activities. And everywhere in between. It is a main goal to ensure everyone enjoys this Club in a pressure free environment. With that explained there is nothing mandating a member participate in a committee. But if it is something that you would like to do, please review the list. Each has a brief description of what is expected. If there is one or more committees that interest you, please contact Bill Bagshaw and I will do my best to facilitate everyone’s requests to be more involved.PIO group/committee: 2021 MembersChair- Bill ZumwaltCo-Chair- Kyle CarlsonRandy Everett (Resource to assist)Courtney Scott (Instagram)Gary Pack (YouTube)Responsibilities:PIO group will oversee all Social Media Platforms. Monitor Facebook and Instagram posts. Ensure that all the content on our pages are in compliance with the club rules. If it there is an obvious or aggreges violation it should be removed immediately and the account responsible for the POST will be deleted from the page. If the violation is questionable, the Chair (Bill Zumwalt) will determine the action required. If the Chair (Bill Zumwalt) needs assistance he can contact either the President or Vice President for guidance._____________________________________________________________________________________Ride Coordinator/Committee:Chair- Vickie BagshawCo-chair- Cathy HudakOther(s)- Lora JaterkaResponsibilities:Using the scheduled ride list for the year, the Ride Coordinator/Committee will identify any rides that will require overnight lodging camping/hotels. They should identify other accommodations e.g. restaurants, fuel stations etc. They will attempt to locate facilities that can/will accommodate the attending club members. They will attempt to secure pricing and coupon codes/discounts if possible. The information will be given to a member of the PIO group. The PIO group will post the information on all the Clubs social media sites. The Ride Coordinator’s will be listed as contacts to answer any questions and assist club members with the appropriate information._____________________________________________________________________________________Ride for Life Committee:Chair- Steve HawkinsCo-Chair- Lora JaterkaOther(s)-Responsibilities:Plan and coordinate the Ride for Life_____________________________________________________________________________________Safety Committee:Chair- Dan JaterkaCo-Chair- TBDOther(s)- Mark EllisonResponsibilities:Plan and schedule safety training. The training can be in the form of guest speakers, videos or practical exercises. Safety topics should be planned quarterly, to be held at the scheduled club meeting or club ride. The topics should be outlined to be submitted to the secretary to be archived. If possible, a roll (list of attendees) should be collected and submitted with the training topic. Other topics to consider TREAD Lightly._____________________________________________________________________________________Recreation Committee:Chair- Mark EllisonCo-Chair-Kyle CarlsonOther(s)-Responsibilities:Understanding that we are an ATV Club, the Recreation Committee is tasked with planning other events. The events can correlate with the monthly rides e.g. poker runs, did you see it etc. Plan a yearly picnic a chance for members to simply hang out and get to know the other members of the club._____________________________________________________________________________________Fund Raising Committee:Chair- Karen SommerCo-Chair- TBDOther(s)-Responsibilities:Understanding that the majority of the Club’s charitable efforts are devoted to the Ride for Life. This committee will be tasked with raising funds to cover Club needs, e.g. camp chef, propane tanks, tools (recovery tools) laptop, etc._____________________________________________________________________________________Welcoming Committee:Chair- Cathy HudakCo-Chair- Craig DixonOther(s)- Lora Jaterka, Vickie BagshawResponsibilities:The Welcoming Committee is tasked with contacting all new members. Ensure that they are welcomed into the Club. Assist them in completing their application. Help them understand all the Club’s social media accounts. Ensure that they have access to Club resources e.g. Club Bylaws. The Welcoming committee is also tasked with recruiting new members._____________________________________________________________________________________Merchandising Committee:Chair- Bill BagshawCo-Chair- TBDOther(s)- Alisa CarlsonResponsibilities:Work with vendors to obtain the best pricing for Club merchandise. Secure vendors that can provide Club merchandise in a timely manner. Result trends to identify new merchandise. Make recommendations as to what items should be offered from the Club store and what items need to be updated. The merchandise Committee should be prepared to set up and operate a booth at the BBQ’s held after rides (when practical) during shows e.g. off road show, or other Club sponsored events.