I was born in Massachusetts, and lived there until the age of two. Then my family moved to Orem Utah, until I was 16. At that point my father was diagnosed with cancer. I was the oldest male in the home of nine children, and after the bank took the cars and the home, I dropped out of high school, and went to work to help support the family.

I have worked for LegalShield for the last 24 years helping protect families and small businesses with affordable access to top rated law firms for about one dollar per day. I have an amazing wife and eight children and we love to do things outdoors. We have owned many different, side-by-sides, and ATVs over the years, but I prefer to ride my Can-Am four wheeler over any other toy we’ve ever had.

I’m a diehard BYU fan, I love hunting, fishing, hiking, or basically anything outdoors.

My family is involved in numerous different charities to help other people, and more specifically children in orphanages around the world.

I love helping other people, and I appreciate a well thought out practical joke. I’m not politically correct. In fact, I barely know table manners but when we become friends you’ll be able to overlook my shortcomings, because you know I will go to the end of the world for you.